7 Etsy Alternatives To Use Now In 2023

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, chances are you’ve considered selling your products on Etsy. Etsy is the go-to platform for many artists and crafters, but it’s not the only option. Etsy just raised their fees by 30%. Many Etsy alternatives might be a better fit for you and your business. Here are 7 of the best Etsy alternatives to sell your products.

Etsy Alternatives for 2023
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Shopify (also an Etsy alternative for merchants without a website)

Both DIYers and designers use Shopify to sell their products online. The platform makes it easy to set up a slick store to sell your goods, and it’s free to get started. With Shopify, you can process payments, track sales, and manage inventory from one convenient place. The platform also comes with several free e-commerce themes, so you can customize the look of your store.

Amazon Handmade

Etsy Alternatives
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If you’d prefer to sell your goods directly to customers—and earn a commission for each sale— Amazon Handmade is an Etsy alternative you should consider. The process is a bit more complicated than selling on Etsy, but it’s possible with this platform. Amazon Handmade is the exclusive reseller of specific brands, so the products listed on the site aren’t handmade. These are “retail-ready products,” meaning they’re made by manufacturers using traditional tools and equipment in small batches.

Amazon Handmade is the only Amazon outlet where customers can buy these products directly from the maker. You must meet specific criteria to sell on Amazon Handmade—primarily related to product quality and craftsmanship—so not every seller can join the platform. However, there is some overlap between Amazon and Etsy shoppers, so your products might reach a new audience.

The fees for selling on Amazon Handmade are about the same as those on Etsy: $0.20 per item listed plus $0.99 per item sold. Also similar to Etsy, Amazon Handmade takes a variable commission rate between 4% and 15%.

eBay (also an Etsy alternative for merchants without a website)

eBay is another excellent option for selling your handmade goods if you want to reach a broad audience quickly. The platform is popular among buyers and sellers in new and used markets. Like Amazon Handmade, eBay is a reseller, so the sellers don’t make the items listed. However, the platform welcomes handmade and mass-produced products (called “new/unopened surplus stock”), so the requirements are slightly less strict.

The fees for listing items on eBay are about the same as those on Etsy (usually around 10-20% of the item’s price), but eBay takes a higher commission when items sell (10% standard, but can go as high as 25%). This means your profits will be smaller when selling on eBay, especially in the used market.


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If you want to build and grow a business without too much work, Tictail is worth a look. The platform is designed for makers who don’t have much knowledge of coding or website development but want to sell their products online. Similar to using WordPress to build a website, Tictail is a drag-and-drop builder, meaning you can design a beautiful website without learning code. (However, the platform also offers “Pro” plans with dedicated support and custom design options for those who want to dig deeper.)


iCraft, a self-promoted “Etsy alternative for crafters,” is another platform similar to Etsy. The site boasts over 1 million monthly visitors and allows sellers to create a free or paid shop (with various options ranging from $7 to $49 per month), add images and descriptions to their listings, and set prices. iCraft also has a built-in shopping cart to make the checkout process easy for buyers.


Like eBay, Ecrater is a used goods marketplace. The site also has a category for new items, which is interesting since most places don’t have a unique and used marketplace side-by-side. Ecrater also offers seller protections to ensure buyers and sellers aren’t scammed.

Like Tictail, Svinklink is another easy-to-use website builder designed specifically for artists and creatives. The platform comes with more than 100 free templates, or you can work with a design firm directly if you want something more custom. Like the others, Svinklink also offers marketing and SEO services to boost your brand’s visibility.


If you’re a collector or want to sell antique, vintage, or used goods, Ruby Lane is a premier online marketplace for these items. The site boasts a high price point and a catered experience for sellers and buyers looking for collectible and hard-to-find items.

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